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It all started in 2016, thanks to a boob. At a time when women wanted to free the nipple, Juliette created a ring for one of her friends: more precisely a ceramic boob ring, made with love and for fun.

The name of the brand was found very quickly (in two minutes more or less) and it was an instant crush, like every Coucou Suzette creations are. Juliette liked the fun and cheesy sound of it, and Suzette was the name of her beloved kitten.

Years after years, the team became bigger, the brand could launch its own website, the order picking was delegated to a logistic team (no more order prep in the living room…) and the creations could finally be sold in many shops all around the world.

Coucou's hair accessories, earrings and pocket mirrors are made of cellulose acetate, a plant-based material (wood and cotton pulp), certified FSC (Forest Stewardship Council).

This certification guarantees that the wood we use comes from forest managed in a sustainable way. The wood comes from legal logging and its extraction does not cause deforestation and does not harm the biodiversity. When a tree is cut down, another one is planted.

The cotton socks of Coucou Suzette are mainly made of Italian or Turkish cotton certified Oeko-tex© (Cotton: 72% / Polyamide: 27% / Elastane: 1%).

The Oeko-tex© label is an international label certifying the products are not harmful to your health. It makes sure the textiles and colours used do not contain any toxic substances and are harmless for the consumers.



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