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Enamel Large Mug - Mint

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Brand: BORNN

Kiln fired and crafted by hand in Istanbul, this mug is a mint green piece from the New Marble Collection at BORNN. It is made using traditional artisan enamelling techniques. Depending on where the item has been placed in the kiln will determine the intensity of the colour making each piece unique. Enamelware is the time honoured process of fusing glass onto heavy-gauge steel, once the process is complete these pieces are long lasting and hardwearing. 

- Handmade in Turkey.
- The patterns may differ on each item showing the marks of its journey. 
- Oven, Freezer & Dishwasher Safe (Do not microwave)
- Height: 9cm
- Capacity: 12oz/300ml

* Please note: there are small holes to allow gas to escape on models with hollow handles. Here the air can escape during firing. The little bubbles are part of the enamelling process; During the production process of enamelware products are hung for drying and firing under their rims therefore there may be hook marks under their rims and at the edge of the product. The basecoat of black enamel paint may show at the edge of the products.

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