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Luxury cutlery crafted in Portugal. Cutipol is a world-class reference brand renowned for its quality and design. Cutipol is based on a dream transmitted by several family generations tailored in the spirit of continuous improvement, innovation, and knowledge assimilated over time. With the same purpose of pure and functional shapes that characterize its pieces, Cutipol offers a wide and curated selection of objects for your home.

José Ribeiro has officially founded Cutipol on April 1st, 1963, taking the strong heritage of Portuguese handmade cutlery across borders. The knowledge of today comes from Cutipol's ancestors. Our founder learned the manufacturing techniques in his father's small workshop. In 1950, he created his first company, which later became Cutipol. Together with his children, he traveled the world to find the most advanced machines, processes and customers. His wife and cofounder, Alice Marques, was the true lifeblood of the business - responsible for all the productive part and development.

In the early 1980s, the most intensive process of renovation of the factory began. Since then, his children have joined the team, modernizing processes, focusing on design and supporting internationalization. Yet traditional craftsmanship still plays a major role in finishes, keeping up with innovation. The 4.000 square meters of machinery ally with the care that only human eye and manual know-how acquired over time can offer.

All collections are created from internal resources, designed with functionality and simplicity in mind by the hand of José Joaquim Ribeiro. Their refined cutlery and accessories feature sober, fine lines pleasant to the touch. Cutipol's worldwide excellence is known for higher quality materials and the focus on the tiniest details. It's the perfect symbiosis between the most sophisticated technology - some of which developed internally - and a skilled workforce.




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