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 Italian Radical Design

Gufram is an Interior Design Italian brand globally known for pushing the limits of industrial design. With its Radical Design spirit and its nonconformist experimentation linked to aesthetic, technological and material research, Gufram has created seats and interior design icons that have entered collective imagination: playful, subversive and desecrating products with a POP soul, willingly designed as anti-design items.

After its acquisition in 2012 by the entrepreneur Sandra Vezza, headquarters were moved to Barolo, in the Langhe region, a UNESCO world heritage area, as well as a place of excellence for international food and wine. Thanks to Charley Vezza's artistic direction, Gufram has achieved an ambitious recovery through a new commercial and communication strategy which culminated in 2016 with the company's 50th anniversary celebrations.

Thanks to special collaborations, its most recent products and the recent international exhibits, Gufram has recovered its precious cultural legacy, given new blood to its unconventional spirit and enlisted new followers and collectors from all over the five continents.

Today Gufram has once again become an important and influential voice marching to a different drummer; with its nonconformist approach it gives birth to new style icons also outside the world of Interior Design, thus contaminating all design fields from fashion – an example of which is the Moschino kissed Gufram collection – to automotive – with the project with Citroën – to everything related to contemporary aesthetics, up to the recent encounter between design and taste which seals its collaboration with Lavazza.     


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